Spreading positivity and creativity to area nursing homes during COVID19

Sometimes the best thing you can give someone is a smile

It’s hard to fully understand the toll social distancing will take on us all mentally. Because of the drastic contagious spread of COVID-19, nursing home residents are unable to socialize in their common area & cannot have visitors. This can be extremely lonely. We created The Tulip Project to spread happiness to each and every resident so they don’t feel alone during this time!

What Can You Send?

Written Letters

Share positive thoughts, poems, lyrics or quotes. Anything you feel could brighten up somone's day!


With spring in full swing, look out the window,  break out some brushes and create a mini masterpiece for someone!

Arts & Crafts

Perfect way to get your entire family involved.  Not an artist? No Worries, just add creativity!


Anything to let the residents know their community is thinking of them!

Handmade Jewelry

Maybe you have extra beads lying around. Bracelets, Necklaces, Rosaries or anything else are always welcome!

Puzzles & Games

Puzzles, coloring books, crossword puzzles, etc. are always a favorite!

How it works...

You mail us your letters and packages to our PO Box.
We pick up your AMAZING creations and donations.
We drop off enough items to each nursing home so that every resident receives something!!
Where to send:
The Tulip Project
C/0 Meghan Regan
PO Box 8440
Albany, NY 12208
Krum. Marketing